Do you know something isn’t working but not sure what?

Are there times when it feels like something should be delivered on time and to spec, but it isn’t? Do things slip through the net a little more often than you’d like? Operations are the lifeblood of any performing agency, and without smoothly running systems & processes sales suffer, client churn is faster and your profits, and more importantly cash flow, suffer. An agency can have the best services and smartest staff with all the best logos and creds decks going, but without a system for all that to run well, things slip and agencies can fail. I can help you identify the flaws, design the solution and support its delivery & adoption.

An outside eye can see past the day-to-day

Often agencies and their staff build out their own ‘Unwritten Ground Rules’ as a way to navigate tasks and processes that cause more friction than they’d like. Over time, you have an entire agency all working slightly differently for the same goals and things start to slip. At this point, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint where the opportunities to improve are by being introspective. An outside eye, with all the curiosity and critical thinking honed by years of agency work, can not only find areas of risk and weakness but design ways to resolve them. You can then grow with less risk.

Periodical check-ins that maintain order

Once you have a set of processes in place, and the right systems & training to maintain them, you will almost immediately see the difference in your agency. The unfortunate truth is that people aren’t good at sticking to rules over the long-term and your systems and processes will need adjustment to allow for changes in people as well as client needs. It’s also very true that, with all the will in the world, you cannot plan perfectly for your growth and your systems may also need some TLC over time. I can review your systems & processes quarterly or half-yearly to adjust and improve so that you can rest easy that your hard work has a strong backbone for delivery.

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